Importance of Association Management Meeting Minutes

Meetings are rarely on anyone’s list of favorite things to do –
and keeping meeting minutes is even worse. However, timely, accurate
minutes are important, especially if decisions are being made about
your home and community. Ideally, after the conclusion of an HOA meeting,
minutes detailing what was discussed and any decisions that were made will
be submitted to the HOA board leadership who will approve the minutes and
disseminate them to all relevant parties.

Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Some HOAs are better than
others at capturing the important information from a meeting and making
sure that info gets to all HOA members, whether they were able to attend
the meeting or not. If you’re not sure whether your HOA meeting minutes
are up to snuff, here are five must-have elements that will instantly upgrade
their quality (and make things easier for the minute taker).

1. Use an Agenda:

It’s nearly impossible to turn out quality meeting minutes if the meeting
was disorganized and poorly planned. Make sure each meeting has a clearly
outlined agenda that includes all old business that needs to be reviewed,
new business that needs to be addressed, and leaves room for questions and
additional items that may come up.

2. Follow a Template:

The best way to ensure that all relevant and required information is
included, is to use a standard template for your meeting minutes. At
a minimum it should include the date and place of the meeting, the
members present, and follow the outline of the meeting agenda. All
motions need to be noted, and any resultant decisions included.

3. Track Those Motions:

It’s already been mentioned, but one of the key requirements of HOA
meeting minutes is that they accurately track all motions that are put
forth and whether or not they are approved. Some states have specific
requirements for how this information should be presented, so be sure
to find out if there’s a certain format you need to use.

4. Include Financial Info:

Meeting minutes are a record of the official business conducted at the
meeting. One of the most vital aspects of official business is the
review of financial statements. The current balance on any accounts,
a review of monthly expenses, and the status of collected HOA fees
should be the minimum of what is included. Other items to address may
be upcoming expenses or any potential owner assessments that may be pending.

5. Get a Quorum:

Without the requisite number of members present, any meeting held will
not be valid. Before you go to the work of establishing an agenda and
painstakingly recording information, make sure that a quorum is present.
A quorum is the minimum number of members present to conduct official business.
If you’re not sure what establishes a quorum for your association, consult
the by-laws – and make sure all meetings meet the requirement.

Put these principles into practice for your next HOA meeting – and don’t
hesitate to reach out to our team of experts if you have questions or want
more information about successful HOA meetings and minutes. Contact PMI
today to find out more!

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